City Slang SLANG50100LP
  • 2LP: Includes download, 180 gr Vinyl, Gatefold Sleeve
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Lambchop return with For Love Often Turns Us Still - officially titled FLOTUS. Inspired as always to make art from the unusual sounds and scenes of his South Nashville neighbourhood, Kurt Wagner set aside what he has learned over the last 30 years and embarked on a musical adventure to bring us this album that sounds like no one else - or, completely, unmistakably, like himself.

Wanting to make an album that his neighbours and wife would listen to - though a version of that garbled through grocery store speakers and tiny cell phones - Kurt became inspired by, though not tethered to, a plethora of modern day musical voices across modern R&B, soul and hip-hop amongst other genres. “Overall, artists like myself have been using the same production techniques forever, letting technology enhance and further a sound but not really taking it to a new place. Technology bending to the will of the creator became playful, complex, and exciting to hear on repeat with a structure still open to interpretation.”

Lambchop: Flotus

In Care Of 8675309 Lambchop 11' 53''
Directions to the Can Lambchop 3' 33''
Flotus Lambchop 3' 31''
JFK Lambchop 5' 33''
Howe Lambchop 4' 07''
Old Masters Lambchop 4' 45''
Relatives 2 Lambchop 5' 27''
Harbour Country Lambchop 3' 28''
Writer Lambchop 3' 43''
NIV Lambchop 4' 37''
The Hustle Lambchop 18' 14''

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