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Nixon is the 2000 album by Lambchop. The album was a critical and commercial breakthrough for the band, especially in the United Kingdom, where it polled highly in several year-end polls in music magazines, among them Uncut magazine. The song "Up with People" was subsequently remixed by Zero 7.

The sleeve is a painting by Wayne White, a childhood friend of Kurt Wagner who also provided cover art for Thriller, Aw Cmon and No You Cmon by the band.

Lambchop: Nixon

The Old Gold Shoe Lambchop 1' 07''
Grumpus Lambchop 1' 10''
You Masculine You Lambchop 1' 08''
Up With People Lambchop 1' 31''
Nashville Parent Lambchop 1' 02''
What Else Could It Be Lambchop 1' 01''
The Distance From Her To Three Lambchop 1' 01''
The Book I Haven't Read Lambchop 1' 01''
The Petrified Florist Lambchop 1' 01''
The Butcher Boy Lambchop 1' 00''

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