Wir sind Blumen

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It was one of the very first sunny spring days this year when I first
listened to Leichtmetall's "Wir sind Blumen". You know, one of those certain
moments in year when you get overjoyed 'cause the weather's so nice and you
walk down the street with ease and confidence and the faces of people
passing by look different, too?
At least that's how I perceive this time of year. Leichtmetall made the
soundtrack to quite a few of my sunday afternoons, initially of course
because I was ought to write something about their album, but very soon I
forgot about the task and just drifted away with the music.
Yeah of course, one might say, this is because it makes such a nice analogy
to the album's title "Wir sind Blumen" - "We are flowers". And it does to a
certain extent. And yet, if you dip a little deeper into the record there's
more to it than just a summerly association. For one there's this remarkable
openness that Leichtmetall demonstrate
with their music and their way of dealing with everyday occurrences. And I'm
just fond of people who love people and life with all their facets and
complexities and who have a sense for alleged trifles. Take
for example "Der große Tag" ("The big day"), where it says in the chorus:
'Today is my day'. What a familiar feeling. And Leichmetall dig life that's
for sure.
Luckily neither the title track "wir sind blumen" nor any of the other songs
slip off into (be it pure or coy) naivety. Neither should their "we" be
understood as solely self-reflexive. It's rather that the two of them look
at life from an much too often neglected angle. For the course of the album
all those small things that usually are forgotten
or disregarded in everyday life become a whole without claiming totality.
Leichtmetall achieve all that with few words and very basic imagery. Their
musical appliances are reduced, almost sparse, but very classic. And above
all they are unpretentious. Maybe even "dilettantish" in a Tracey Horn kind
of way: without the melancholic severity that is inherent to her music and
time but with the same feeling of being
independent from contemporary precepts.
Fee Magdanz

Leichtmetall: Wir sind Blumen

Wir Sind Blumen Leichtmetall 3' 59''
Ein Platz In Der Sonne Leichtmetall 3' 42''
Erkennen Im Individuum Leichtmetall 3' 13''
Au Bord De La Seine Leichtmetall 2' 44''
Wir Sind Keine Kabarettisten Leichtmetall 3' 28''
Der Große Tag Leichtmetall 4' 39''
Füchschen Leichtmetall 3' 44''
Im Klimawandel Leichtmetall 3' 30''
Spiel Mir Ein Lied Leichtmetall 2' 10''
Kein Tanz Für 2 Leichtmetall 4' 21''

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