Leon Vynehall

Nothing Is Still

Ninja Tune ZEN249
  • LP: Includes download, black heavyweight vinyl
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A record that sees Leon Vynehall digging deeper into the family history that has always inspired his most iconic tracks, whilst returning to his own musical roots. "Nothing Is Still" however, is defiantly atmospheric and textural, and finds him harnessing his passion for early contemporary minimalist composers such as Gavin Bryars as well as records like Philip Glass’ Koyaanisqatsi and Terry Riley’s A Rainbow In Curved Air.

Leon Vynehall: Nothing Is Still

From The Sea It Looms (Chapters I & II) Leon Vynehall 6' 20''
Movements (Chapter III) Leon Vynehall 3' 52''
Birds On The Tarmac (Footnote III) Leon Vynehall 1' 18''
Julia (Footnote IV) Leon Vynehall 2' 26''
Drinking It In Again (Chapter IV) Leon Vynehall 3' 47''
Trouble - Parts I, II, & III (Chapter V) Leon Vynehall 5' 42''
Envelopes (Chapter VI) Leon Vynehall 5' 29''
English Oak (Chapter VII) Leon Vynehall 4' 27''
Ice Cream (Chapter VIII) Leon Vynehall 4' 50''
It Breaks (Chapter IX) Leon Vynehall 2' 17''

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