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Petrochemical rock outfit Les Georges Leningrad just laid a bat's egg. It is called Sangue Puro.

Sangue Puro is the third release of the Montreal trio. The sepulchral vibes and juvenile fury emanating from the guitar and keyboards will make you dance for yourself in front of the mirror. The ancient vessels explode and sink under the pressure of the killer rhythms.

This latest effort, transported by the chant of a pipistrelle, is a bomb.

Poney P sings and play the DJ-X 60 synth.
Mingo L'Indien plays guitar and the ML-RCC synth.
Bobo Boutin plays drums and the E-303 synth.

Les Georges Leningrad is a love and hate story: the one of Bobo Boutin, Mingo L'Indien and Poney P. They met in the year 2000 during a fight in an Ontario street tavern: la terrasse Bellehumeur. Bobo was at the time a bohemian singer, Mingo a contemporary music student at University of Montreal. Poney was writing hundreds of songs in a big schoolbook while dreaming of sharing the stage with the greatests: Plume, Sun Ra and Felix Kubin.

Eight note F2 undulating synthesizers riffs, an explosive rhythmic inspired by the sambo (Russian self defense technique invented in the 1930s) and the sexy voice of the "South-Central Lil'Amazon" submerge us in the eerie and unforeseeable universe of the Petrochemical Rock.

They have played the four corners of the earth, more particularly the Papou Chanel show in Barcelona, Prague and St-Fortunat.

Les Georges Leningrad: Sangue Puro

Sangue Puro Les Georges Leningrad 6' 10''
Skulls In The Closet Les Georges Leningrad 2' 59''
Scissorhands Les Georges Leningrad 3' 22''
Ennio Morricone Les Georges Leningrad 3' 21''
Eli,eli, Lamma Sabacthani Les Georges Leningrad 3' 47''
Mammal Beats Les Georges Leningrad 2' 22''
Sleek Answer Les Georges Leningrad 4' 11''
Mange Avec Tes Doigts Les Georges Leningrad 1' 56''
Lonely Lonely Les Georges Leningrad 2' 24''
The Future For Less Les Georges Leningrad 9' 07''

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