Letters Letters

Letters Letters

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Montreal has become something of a seething hotbed of musical talent of late, what with the Arcade Fire bubbling up as the critics favourite and Wolf Parade capturing the hearts and minds of bloggers everywhere, but beneath the surface there’s something more going on, something just that little bit more gritty. Mitchell Akiyama has been an active part of the music scene for some time now as a solo artist, label boss and collaborating with various other musicians, most notably Tony Boggs (as Désormais) and Jenna Robertson (as Avia Gardner) but this is the first time the three musicians have put their heads together and created something which absolutely defies their earlier work. Turning his electronic music and post-rock roots on their head Mitchell instead decided to look to the early 80s with help from self-confessed riot grrrl Jenna and accidental front-man Tony and the trio began to piece together their take on leftfield pop music. With broken synthesizers, fizzled out drum machines and the usual armory of guitars and overdriven amplifiers they managed to figure out a perfect pop formula, taking the usual hooks and choruses and feeding them through a mire of grimy effects ending up with something flickering and desperately neon coloured. Music for day-glo wrist bands and basement parties, this is a fresh take on the DIY lo-fi scene, and even if the whole fanzine culture has broken down to make way for blogs and webzines it doesn’t mean we have to lose touch with the grittier side of life. Bravely penetrating themes as diverse as sex, drugs, and the all important unicorn scene in Blade Runner there shouldn’t be any reason not to usher Letters Letters into your life immediately, just remember that it’s okay to embrace the noise…

Letters Letters: Letters Letters

Favorite Hands Letters Letters 3' 17''
We'll Make Our Home Letters Letters 2' 42''
Everyone's Afraid Of Fear Letters Letters 5' 49''
Between The Seams Letters Letters 3' 34''
Dealer Dealer Letters Letters 3' 59''
Iron Mountain Letters Letters 2' 36''
Up To Our Waist Letters Letters 2' 37''
In A Way Letters Letters 4' 40''
Want To Letters Letters 3' 48''
Wishing Well Letters Letters 3' 56''
Everything Always Letters Letters 2' 04''
(Stingray) Trapped In Platinum Letters Letters 3' 47''

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