Romantic Psychology 1

Technicolour TCLRCD012
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First Levantis release since 2013's Believe EP on Trilogy Tapes, this album is reportedly "about Nigredo and possession of the shadow". That Levantis is actually an Actress moniker is one of the worst kept secrets. Indeed, 'Romantic Psychology 1' sounds like a dark & ambientish appendix to 'Ghettoville' - while the technoid aspects from the TT release have not vanished completely, they're just hidden in the textures. This album is gold!

The black 180g vinyl LP is housed in an Inspira deep black sleeve with spot varnish type and includes an artwork insert by Eve Ackroyd (http://eveackroyd.com) printed on uncoated 300gsm art card.

Levantis: Romantic Psychology 1

Exploding Boxes Levantis 2' 00''
Red Blocks Levantis 2' 00''
Yogurt Levantis 1' 46''
Pieris Rapae Levantis 1' 27''
Undr Levantis 2' 00''
Stained Glass Levantis 1' 28''
Altered Anthem Levantis 59''
Colour Levantis 2' 00''
Whispering Sky Levantis 1' 18''
Jamaican Greek Style Levantis 2' 00''
Slow Electronic Beat With Colour Levantis 2' 00''

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