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Levon Vincent’s LP For Paris was a download-only release when it dropped at the back end of 2017, and only now are the tracks from the album making it to wax. Two of the record’s highlights make up NS-20. A-side ‘Kissing’ is an unusual minimal techno number. As a solitary kick drum thumps away, a phased synth chord moves in and out of time with the beat to hypnotic effect. Flipside ‘Only Good Things’ employs the same only-a-kick-drum technique, but the treatment here is (slightly) less sparse, with melodies in the bass and treble playing off each other nicely. A record as soothing as it is danceable.

Levon Vincent: NS-20

Kissing Levon Vincent 1' 59''
Only Good Things Levon Vincent 1' 52''

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