Lieven Martens

Gardens, Fire and Wine

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For a while I considered starting up a postcard reissue label. Being a fond collector of these - more and more obsolete (and i say this without any whif of nostalgic philosophizing on redundant formats) - miniature art forms. Especially the “private press” environment (c.q. any local photography amateur who sees fit to reproduce his creations into cards, and drop them off at the town square’s newspaper stand) holds many a great view on our world around us. True composers never rest and are, sometimes, invisible.
But so far, this plan remains safely stored in public.

However, here’s a series of images, not reissues yet self-captured. Seven images, reflecting on gardens in Lisbon, fire and the craft of wine making.Comes with a DL link too. Including the “singles”, Pa’ua, The Bells From Above and Coral Groups and two older tape compositions. Furthermore a new song reflecting on a village scene, c.q. a completely agreeably toned drone song in danger of being a bit nostalgic and/or easy. And a short new composition called Samoa.

Offset printed postcards

Lieven Martens: Gardens, Fire and Wine

Coral Groups Lieven Martens 9' 09''
Pa ua (shorter version) Lieven Martens 3' 32''
A Village Scene Lieven Martens 10' 53''
Samoa Lieven Martens 59''
The Bells From Above Lieven Martens 5' 00''
Olaf Stapledon's Star Maker Lieven Martens 9' 27''
O Recife Lieven Martens 5' 06''

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