Liz Christine

Sweet Mellow Cat

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Sweet Mellow Cat is a nicely arrenged showcase of liz christine's work over the last few years. subtle and delicate, sometimes vergin' on the abstract yet still instinctively melodic, her music is in fact a kind of sound-movie, or audio-text, constructed from a personal sound vocabulary and syntaxe developed by and for herself, where each sample has it's own place on the narrative structure. Usually assisted by f s torres (aka kkfs) or the mysteriuos madamme f, Liz is basically using her own obsession (movies, old jazz divas and, of course, cats) to build sound-sculpture-books.

Liz Christine: Sweet Mellow Cat

Girl's Band Liz Christine 3' 29''
Dinah Liz Christine 3' 30''
Pour Cecile Liz Christine 5' 43''
Green Eyes Girl (Sweet Mellow Ver Liz Christine 6' 41''
Pour Jeanne Liz Christine 4' 03''
Rain Liz Christine 6' 48''
Holiday Liz Christine 10' 11''
Le Chat Noir Liz Christine 41''
Or Ten Pills at Three O'Clock Liz Christine 4' 31''
Two Seconds Liz Christine 1' 42''
Love Affair Liz Christine 3' 06''
Erva Doce Liz Christine 2' 23''
C Caterina Liz Christine 7' 04''
You Gotta Be Blonde Liz Christine 2' 14''
Para El Placer Liz Christine 2' 50''

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