Lo Kindre


12th Isle ISLE007
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Following on from the deranged machine mulch of the Cru Servers we proudly announce the second record on the label to emerge from our native south side of Glasgow. Lo Kindre is the solo project of Irish/Luxembourgish bedroom producer, amateur footballer and award-winning bartender Daniel Magee. Crawling out from the undergrowth at the speed of a snail with dreadlocks this six track EP builds upon his previous venture for Optimo Music and manages to enchant in many of the same ways. Chlorophytum ticks all of the right boxes, sitting somewhere between a budding sci-fi homage, drum machine escapism and a fascination with the motorik styles of West Germany and the wider On-U continuum. Lo Kindre's sound has recently developed by way of countless hours spent twiddling with delay units alongside vintage Italian football commentary and murky casks of Tennents. It culminates here in the following six tracks. The seventh 12th Isle now ecstatically morphs from our galaxy into yours.

Lo Kindre: Chlorophytum

Sounder Lo Kindre 2' 00''
I Don't Really Lo Kindre 2' 00''
Aibell Lo Kindre 2' 00''
No Hiding Lo Kindre 2' 00''
Interlude (i) Lo Kindre 1' 49''
For Sleep Lo Kindre 2' 00''

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