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Butterflies is Lord Tang’s second full length release. It is a warm descent into a dub fueled frenzy of color and light. It is a sound dredged from the depths of Jamaican dub and spun into a new form that incorporates the many influences on Lord Tang’s creator, Dominic Cramp: soundtracks, library music, vintage science fiction, broken beats, dirty electronics, modular electronic music, abstract tone clouds.

Lord Tang follows its own path through the thicket of modern electronic music. There is a certain level of physical alchemy to the process. The record was made in Cramp’s former studio in an old cabinet making factory in Oakland, California. You hear this in the sound! Beats in particular are processed several times through various hardware pedal chains, as can be heard on “Winged Paulsy” giving it a grittier, heavy density. Cramp also utilizes a lot of found sounds and field recordings such as the processed grab of the BART transit band radio on “Don’t Tell Me What to Do” or the Oakland Flea Market vendor at the beginning of “Sparkle Toast”. Mixing these elements with his arsenal of old analog outboard gear: spring reverbs, tape delays, reel to reel, analog filters; gives the whole record a tangible sonic depth with organic glue that keeps you in Tang’s warm and dirty world!

Lord Tang: Butterflies

Hived Lord Tang
Butterflies Lord Tang
Diamond Toes (feat Micah Morris) Lord Tang
Winged Paulsy Lord Tang
Sparkle Toast Lord Tang
They Did It Lord Tang
Drips Lord Tang
A Tidal Haven Lord Tang
Lizards Lord Tang
NYC - Overhead Train Lord Tang
Don't Tell Me What To Do Lord Tang
The Program Lord Tang

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