Lorenzo Senni


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‘Superimpositions’ is the hyper-coloured conceptual follow-up to multi-disciplinary Milanese artist, Lorenzo Senni’s landmark LP, ‘Quantum Jelly’ (Editions Mego, 2012). It further consolidates, accelerates and evolves his idea of “Pointillistic Trance” - an ascetic, extreme approach to the aesthetic essence of ‘90s-style trance/hard-trance - with a broader range of song structures, minimalist moire´ patterns, and tantric dancefloor arrangements, all executed to visceral impact and challenging, exhilarating effect.

Angling deeper into his stripped set-up - a computer-controlled JP8000 Roland Digital- Analog Modelled S-Source Synthesiser - ‘Superimpositions’ reveals seven glistening examples of Lorenzo’s current praxis, finding the biting point between emotional, real- time human input, and the sleek tension of synthesis. Opener, ‘Happic’ arches up with breathtaking effect, and never quite gives it back during its seemingly infinite ascent, whilst ‘Elegant, and Never Tiring’ is a spine-tingling exercise in aerobic coefficients, and the title track tiers teasing chords in a sisyphean struggle for deferred gratification.

At the LP’s blinding, white hot core, the heart-rush flux of bass arpeggios and spiralling hi-end in ‘Forever Headline’ threaten to careen off the platter, harnessing the rush of a million ‘crasher kids circa ‘98, before closer ‘PointillistiC’ broadsides with a cascade of lip-bitingly beautiful, melancholic chords.

Lorenzo Senni: Superimpositions

Happic Lorenzo Senni 4' 14''
Elegant And Never Tiring Lorenzo Senni 5' 46''
Zeroth-order Approximation Lorenzo Senni 2' 20''
Superimpositions Lorenzo Senni 5' 43''
Forever Headline Lorenzo Senni 7' 43''
xxx1 Lorenzo Senni 2' 43''
Pointillistic Lorenzo Senni 3' 13''

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