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  • 2LP: 2015 first ever Vinyl Issue
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The fourth full-length album from Vancouver-based sound artist SCOTT MORGAN under his LOSCIL banner. Eight tracks that continue to refine his atmospheric soundscapes with new experimentation and less editing than before.

Scott Morgan notes: "Compositionally, many tracks on Plume are similar in approach to First Narrows; they started with a harmonic root from which sounds were processed into a loose structure over which the live players could improvise. There was substantially less editing this time around with the live tracks. I opted to choose the better improvised passes and merely mix them in and out rather than cut them up. I think this leaves a lot more natural space and balances the heavily structured and repetitive electronic elements with more organic performed layers. Jason Zumpano returned from the First Narrows ensemble and I also recruited long time friend Steve Wood and my partner Krista to play some ebow guitar as well as Josh Lindstrom to play some Xylophone and Vibraphone which I believe added a nice new element into the mix.

Thematically, I stuck with things that are quintessentially loscil; flow, subtle movement, gradual transition, growth. Also of significance to this album is the family connection. "Charlie" was composed after seeing/hearing my daughter Sadie through ultrasound while she was still in the womb. The track was also partly composed as a womb-like sound experience for her to sleep to after she was born, hence the heart beats..."

Loscil: Plume

Motoc Loscil 6' 29''
Rorschach Loscil 8' 20''
Zephyr Loscil 5' 19''
Steam Loscil 6' 55''
Chinook Loscil 6' 57''
Bellows Loscil 6' 27''
Halcyon Loscil 7' 22''
Charlie Loscil 8' 49''
Mistral Loscil 6' 01''

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