Kranky KRANK058LP
  • 2LP: 2018 Re-Issue, first time on vinyl!
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Scott Morgan’s second Loscil full-length, Submers, took inspiration from salvaged Time Life classical music albums and “the indelible mystery of submarines and the deep sea.” Composed using a custom-built Max / MSP sequencer—with no external samplers, synthesizers, or acoustic instruments involved—the limitations of the process shaped these masterful, minimal compositions. Each piece was produced as a live mix, direct to disk, with no separated tracks. Originally issued in November of 2002 on compact disc, Kranky is now making these timeless recordings available on vinyl for the first time.

All of these tracks are named after submarines, the final cut being a requiem for the crew of the ill fated Russian nuclear vessel Kursk. Recorded at home using only samples as sound sources, the album is rife with sourceless echoes, steely surfaces and ominous melodic and rhythmic undertows. The sifted melodies are layered over muffled, clicking and pulsing rhythm tracks with an appropriately aquatic feel to the tracks.

"This is seriously gorgeous stuff that just happens to be the right sort of thing for drifting into another consciousness. A tuned-out heaven perfect for dreaming." - Pitchfork

Loscil: Submers

Argonaut I Loscil 7' 12''
Gymnote Loscil 6' 02''
Mute Loscil 7' 33''
Nautilus Loscil 7' 02''
Diable Marin Loscil 4' 15''
Resurgam Loscil 7' 38''
Le Plongeur Loscil 7' 09''
Triton Loscil 6' 46''
Kursk Loscil 7' 10''

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