Love of the Farthest

Providing Water and Drought

Utech Records URCD106
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Providing Water and Drought is the sound of dramatic evolution. Those first milliseconds of an atom splitting or the slow drift of continents are what Love of the Farthest, descended from The Human Quena Orchestra, captures on their latest album. Glistening tones hang frigid, suspended in icy air as monolithic waves envelop, slowly and completely. At times as dissonant as a plague of locusts, and at others featuring the subtlest of melodic hints, there is a world of sound and noise contained here. Love of the Farthest captures the full gamut of dynamics, from lush drones to drilling, grinding outbursts of chaos to open, less oppressive spaces.

Love of the Farthest: Providing Water and Drought

I Come Bearing Pestilence and Efficiency Love of the Farthest
Psychic Driving Love of the Farthest
Martial Euphemisms Love of the Farthest
Procrustean Empathy Love of the Farthest

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