Lovebrain and Diskotäschchen

Lovebrain and Diskotäschchen

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“Lovebrain’s Rose of Agra, Stringlane and Diskotäschchen, Mount Blakelock und die Orden der Nacht, supported by 85/86 CC, unspoken Space at Kreuz Giesing” – that’s the actual, official band name and title of this album. And since it turned out that epic and magniloquent, it’s certainly sufficient to keep things wordless and instrumental when it comes to the music. And yet these songs do tell a story: It’s the story of Munich-based musician Mathias Götz.

Mathias Götz is a true trombone man: He plays the trombone with his own band Le Millipede, with Alien Ensemble, with G.Rag und die Landlergschwister and also with Hochzeitskapelle. In other words: This man and his instrument are an essential part of the entire southern German Alien Transistor scene; he’s been in cahoots with many of the musicians the Acher brothers Micha & Markus have collaborated with over the years. So, one may ask: why start yet another band? And why call it Lovebrain and Diskotäschchen (for short)?

The answer: A sucker for Duke Ellington’s “Far East Suite,” for delicious strings and collective improvisation, Mathias Götz simply wanted to present his compositions differently, with a different crew – rather like chamber music, like a free-form ensemble of sorts. With their trademark improvisations over rhythmical arrangements both playful and rigid, combined with multiple layers of strings (that almost feel like synths layers), this band sounds entirely different than his other projects and endeavors – even though it’s essentially the same crew playing together, and much of the vibe and approach shares the same core, the same roots. And yet… Lovebrain and Diskotäschchen is a whole different beast.

It’s a turbulent, eclectic trip that leads all the way back to the beginnings of Mathias Götz’s musical career: The idea for this album was born when Munich-based curator Stefan Nölle invited him to his “Be my Guest” series of jazz events, because Götz immediately thought of a personal, musical retrospective. A time-traveling trip through various releases and genres, he wanted to revisit his own earlier material with other musicians, combine, retell and rework the different approaches and storylines. That’s how the band and this s/t album “Lovebrain’s Rose of Agra, Stringlane and Diskotäschchen, Mount Blakelock und die Orden der Nacht, supported by 85/86 CC, unspoken Space at Kreuz Giesing” were conceived.

All in all, it covers 15 years of musical creations: Having released an album entitled “Lunar oder Solar?” on Jazz N Arts Records with his former 7-piece band Windstärke 4 (4-piece horn section + lower end) back in 2002, Lovebrain and Diskotäschchen revisit both the debut’s title track and the title song of Windstärke 4’s sophomore effort, “Ein Blick ins Spinnennetz”. Five years later, his next project was stylized as RoBErT GoEtZ: Comprised entirely of vocal recordings, the vinyl-only release “Macht Sich Auf Den Weg” came out in 2007 (Swimmingpool Rec.), of which the Diskotäschchen LP features three (two on vinyl) reworked compositions.

Following a bit of a hiatus, it was Micha Acher who reignited the spark when he asked Götz to join Alien Ensemble. And he’s been extremely busy ever since: Dreaming of massive pop success (and failing) with WEITER or finding his many feet again and again with Le Millipede (also signed to Alien Transistor).

In order to retrace this evolution, this creative journey, Mathias Götz has formed his new band Lovebrain’s Rose of Agra, Stringlane and Diskotäschchen, Mount Blakelock und die Orden der Nacht, supported by 85/86 CC, unspoken Space at Kreuz Giesing. It’s a line-up that speaks for itself:

Evi Keglmaier: Viola (Mrs. Zwirbel, Hochzeitskapelle)
Maria Hafner: Violin (Mrs. Zwirbel)
Andreas Höricht: Viola (Modern String Quartett)
Micha Acher: Sousaphone (The Notwist, Alien Ensemble, Hochzeitskapelle, Landlergschwister)
Andy Haberl: Drums, Glockenspiel (The Notwist, Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra)

Lovebrain and Diskotäschchen: Lovebrain and Diskotäschchen

Der Opa hüt die Schaf Lovebrain and Diskotäschchen 2'07''
10. Dezember 2006 Lovebrain and Diskotäschchen 3'39''
Lunar Oder Solar? Lovebrain and Diskotäschchen 7'05''
Mutabor Lovebrain and Diskotäschchen 9'02''
Es nebelt sehr Lovebrain and Diskotäschchen 3'07''
20. November 2006 Lovebrain and Diskotäschchen 3'29''
Ein Blick ins Spinnennetz Lovebrain and Diskotäschchen 7'18''
15. Nov 2006 Lovebrain and Diskotäschchen 2'37''
Sara Glück Lovebrain and Diskotäschchen 6'04''
Dragon Dreamin Lovebrain and Diskotäschchen 5'17''

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