Lower Tar

Lower Tar

Ascetic House ASCLT
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Arriving in the shadow of Ori Ofir’s killer Sterile Hand duo with Juan Mendez (Silent Servant), this is Lower Tar’s self-titled 2017 volley of dark blue EBM bruisers, reissued by Ascetic House.

Make sure to check for the grotty churn of Lacquer and Dust and irresistibly wriggly EBM ruckus funk of Existence Preceeds Essence for something to really bite down on

“In his self titled release, Lower Tar explores the intense hive mind that revolves around being an Israeli American and what it means to be critical of a society while still maintaining his identity. Using techno as a cathartic backbone enables him to cope and understand the multiplicitous relationship he has with Israel as an idea and a real place.”

Lower Tar: Lower Tar

Salted Lower Tar 4' 34''
Lacquer and Dust Lower Tar 4' 50''
Feed The Call Lower Tar 5' 48''
Existence Preceeds Essence Lower Tar 4' 54''

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