Luke Abbott

Music From The Edge Of An Island

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'Music From The Edge Of An Island' sees Luke Abbott divert from his typically experimental electronic style to explore a more compositional approach centred around VST instruments. Rather than the usual themes of synthesis and improvisation, the album is lead by piano motifs, structured around emotive melodies and sparkling arrangements.

Luke Abbott: Music From The Edge Of An Island

Sea Luke Abbott 3' 04''
Island Luke Abbott 2' 46''
Tree Luke Abbott 3' 27''
The Archway Luke Abbott 3' 19''
Waiting Luke Abbott 3' 26''
Seed Change Luke Abbott 3' 59''
Moments Luke Abbott 3' 18''
Adjustment Luke Abbott 3' 24''
On Rope Luke Abbott 3' 22''
A Different Tree Luke Abbott 3' 13''

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