M Sage

Catch A Blessing

Geographic North GEON052
  • LP: Includes download, Repress, 200 copies, green & transparent splatter vinyl
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Matthew Sage is a composer, producer, label owner, and publisher based in Chicago, IL. Since his earliest recordings, Sage has carefully considered and crafted each of his various approaches to experimental music. His debut LP A Singular Continent was an endless epic that charted imaginative aural cartography and seemed to soundtrack actual worldbuilding. Now, after five years personal changes and growth, Sage returns with his tried and true sonic trademarks, but with a noticeably liberated approach to his brand of experimental studio music.

Catch a Blessing shows Sage in a much more impulsive light. Where past work existed in space that was cerebral, meditated, and composed, the music here is more natural, playful, and effort- less.

Opting for chance and the unknown rather than rules and conceptual rigor, Sage “practiced” an amorphous technique that led to profound moments of accidental, unplanned beauty.

The moods and modes are constantly, entirely at odds with themselves: private vs. public, abject vs. profound, rural vs. urban(e), and so on. Where other players of experimental studio music take a more high-minded, often stuffy approach, Catch a Blessing floats in airier, more refreshing modes. It’s endlessly lush but sincerely marked by decay. This is naturalism in the truest sense.

M Sage: Catch A Blessing

Avondale Primer Gray M Sage 2' 11''
Lions to Baffle M Sage 4' 03''
Elevator Straffing M Sage 2' 14''
Claiming Air Rights M Sage 5' 36''
Michigan Turquoise M Sage 2' 52''
Window Unit + Three Flat M Sage 9' 24''
Polish Triangle M Sage 5' 48''
Wolfe Point Fog M Sage 3' 41''

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