MF Doom

Born Like This (10th Anniversary Edition)

Lex LEX069LP
  • 2LP: Debossed, embossed sleeve, spot-gloss designs on the inners with back cover foiled in gunmetal
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Released in Spring 2009, ‘Born Like This’ is somehow still MF DOOM’s last solo album. Lex Records are repressing it in time for the 10th anniversary. Featuring Ghostface Killah, Raekwon and seminal American poet and writer Charles Bukowski with beats from J Dilla, Madlib and ol’ Metal Fingers himself.

MF Doom: Born Like This (10th Anniversary Edition)

Supervillain (Intro) MF Doom 55''
Gazzillion Ear (Feat. J Dilla) MF Doom 4' 12''
Ballskin MF Doom 1' 30''
Yessir! (Feat. Raekwon) MF Doom 2' 34''
Absolutely (Feat. Madlib) MF Doom 2' 43''
Rap Ambush MF Doom 1' 28''
Lightworks (Feat. J Dilla) MF Doom 3' 16''
Batty Boyz MF Doom 1' 53''
Angelz (Feat. Ghostface Killah) MF Doom 3' 06''
Cellz Pt. 1 (Feat. Charles Bukowski) MF Doom 1' 51''
Cellz Pt. 2 MF Doom 2' 30''
Still Dope (Feat. Empress Starhh) MF Doom 2' 40''
Microwave Mayo MF Doom 2' 26''
More Rhymin' MF Doom 1' 39''
That's That MF Doom 2' 15''
Supervillainz (Feat. Posdnous, Kurious, Monobix, Prince Paul & Slug) MF Doom 2' 49''
Bumpy's Message (Feat. Freddie Foxxx) MF Doom 1' 36''
Thank Ya MF Doom 1' 15''

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