Tri Angle TRI047LP
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Sae Heum Han follows up the impressive first mmph EP for Tri Angle - April 2018’s Dear God - with a new five-track release. Serenade grabs your attention from the get-go. Opener ‘Minuet’ commences with a bombastic section of feedback and drum hits that comes across like Nine Inch Nails reimagining the beginning of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Filthy’. From there it moves into a nimble track that brings to mind some lost collaboration between Nosaj Thing and Jlin. The rest of Serenade is equally quick to move between genres. The way Han simultaneously brutalises and maximises his sound palette is thrilling. Overall Serenade is most reminiscent of label-mates Katie Gately and Evian Christ.

MMPH: Serenade

Minuet MMPH 00' 00''
Tragedy MMPH 00' 00''
Woodlawn MMPH 00' 00''
Elegy MMPH 00' 00''
Serenade MMPH 00' 00''

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