Male Gaze

Miss Taken

Castle Face CF 091 LP
  • LP: Includes download
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Ten new slugs in the chest from this melodic skuzz-pop trio.

"Matt, Mark and Adam, aka Male Gaze, return quickly from the brainy roar of their previous album King Leer with their six heels hanging even further over the edge of the abyss. Good bands often pull punches but the great ones don’t and these charismatically scarred veterans of romance, gear singed from all too real firefights in the dark world of adulthood, lodge ten new slugs into your vest. Your life was spared but you’ll feel every second of the thirtyfive- plus minutes, grateful that all you got was a bruising. Imagine what it did to them! Have you ever flung yourself out there to such a degree that you risked total humiliation if it all went south, to where the next step would be self deportation to some distant island of annihilation in your mind? How did that work out for you? Don’t worry, Male Gaze knows and they wrote some songs about it. Look out your window, down at the glittering metropolis below and listen to this album." —Henry Rollins

Male Gaze: Miss Taken

Keep Yr Kools Male Gaze
Wha Do Wha Do Male Gaze
All Yours Male Gaze
Didn't Male Gaze
Tell Me How It Is Male Gaze
Pale Gaze Male Gaze
If U Were My Girl Male Gaze
African Ripoff Male Gaze
Pyramids Male Gaze
Miss Taken Male Gaze

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