Marc Barreca

Recordings 1978 - 1979

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Marc Barreca is an American electronic music composer and also an artist of the first hour of cassette-culture. Inspired by Brian Eno and the Ambient-School he started to record his own music in the mid-70’s.

By 1980, he had recorded three tapes - “In a Foreign Land (1977),” “ Raw Fish & Green Tea / Surrogate Religions” (1979) as well as “Currents” (79/80). All three tapes were released on cassette only & distributed via Eurock-Distribution in an extremely low quantity.
In 1980, he released his first LP, “Twilight,” on K. Leimer's Palace of Lights-label; a cassette, “Music Works for Industry,” would follow in 1983 on Palace of Lights and another cassette, “The Sleeper Wakes,” was released in 1986 on Jeff Greinke’s Intrepid label.
Besides performing together with James Husted and Roland Barker as the Seattle-based electronic music group Young Scientist in the late 1970's and early 1980's he also was a member of K. Leimer’s studio group, Savant.

While some of these early works were contained as a compilation on the previous Marc Barreca VOD-Vinyl-Release in 2015 this is now the complete audio from his second and third tapes "Raw Fish & Green Tea / Surrogate“ and “Currents.”

After a lengthy hiatus, he resumed composing and since 2006 has released several solo CD’s and three duo CD’s with K. Leimer on Palace of Lights. Marc uses digital and analog synthesizers, MIDI accordion, digital samplers, environ- mental field recordings and computer processed audio loops to create multi- layered audio compositions. His early works also utilized Mellotron & tape loops.

Marc Barreca: Recordings 1978 - 1979

Currents Marc Barreca 2' 00''
In Far Cathay Marc Barreca 2' 00''
Machinesia Chaios (Chaos Machine) Marc Barreca 1' 21''
Duet Marc Barreca 2' 00''
Graymarsh View (Currents outtake) Marc Barreca 2' 00''
Batik Marc Barreca 2' 00''
Seagreen Marc Barreca 2' 00''
Visitors (part 1) Marc Barreca 2' 00''
Visitors (part 2) Marc Barreca 2' 00''
Visitors (part 3) Marc Barreca 2' 00''
Crossings In The Night Marc Barreca 2' 00''
New Delhi Shuffles Marc Barreca 44''
Wolf Tone Reserved Marc Barreca 2' 00''
Boppin Marc Barreca 2' 00''
Sitting On A Hill With A Few Dozen Musical Marmots Marc Barreca 2' 00''
In A Foreign Land Marc Barreca 1' 12''
Soundtrack From Salmo Marc Barreca 2' 00''
A Compendium Of Errors Marc Barreca 2' 00''
School Of Whales Marc Barreca 2' 00''
In Octapi's Eyes Marc Barreca 1' 25''
At The Carnival Marc Barreca 2' 00''

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