Mark Van Hoen

Playing With Time

Medical Records MR-081
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First time on vinyl reissue of Mark Van Hoen’s 1998 masterpiece presented on a deluxe 2LP. Playing With Time perfectly showcases the lush and deep environments that can only arise from Van Hoen (Locust, Scala, Seefeel). Contains a side long bonus track best described as a modal Eno-style classical ambient piece that was originally intended as a ‘hidden’ track at the end of the original 1999 CD release.

Mark Van Hoen: Playing With Time

Real Love Mark Van Hoen 49''
Surrounder Mark Van Hoen 46''
Closer Than We All Thought Mark Van Hoen 55''
A Light More Past Mark Van Hoen 36''
First Steps Mark Van Hoen 46''
You And Me Inside Mark Van Hoen 53''
Gifts And Prizes Mark Van Hoen 52''
When Tomorrow Comes Mark Van Hoen 47''
Love Is All Mark Van Hoen 50''
Canyon Of Events Mark Van Hoen 49''
Untitled Mark Van Hoen 1' 06''

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