Ostgut Ton Ostgut LP 29
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Martyn releases new album Voids, his first for Ostgut Ton Over the past year, Dutch-born, Washington D.C.-based producer Martyn has undergone a metamorphosis – one that began with a medical emergency and has dovetailed into personal musical transformation. Having narrowly avoided death after suffering a heart attack, Martyn reentered his studio and began a process of reassessing the elements that drive him to make music: sampling, unpredictability, melancholy, sci-fi, polyrhythms, texture, ecstatic moments, Detroit, interlocking percussion and bass. However, the initial spark to start producing again came through his experience listening to Max Roach’s 1979 ensemble percussion album M’Boom.

Martyn: Voids

Voids One Martyn 00' 00''
Manchester Martyn 00' 00''
Mind Rain Martyn 00' 00''
Nya Martyn 00' 00''
Why Martyn 00' 00''
Try To Love You Martyn 00' 00''
Cutting Tone Martyn 00' 00''
World Gate Martyn 00' 00''
Voids Two Martyn 00' 00''

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