Masha Qrella

Boys Don't Cry / Fishing Buddies (Dump Version)

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After recording some killer cover versions of Bryan Ferry or Frederick Loewe, Masha now sings The Cure's second hit 'Boys Don't Cry'. After more than 30 years of heavy Indie-Disco rotation, you might be sick of that song, but Mashas version is just too clever: First she adds a rhythmic Kelis-citation ('Trick Me'). This also brings (even more) gender twist here, as it may be seen as a comment on Robert Smiths elaborated moaning. Later she simply skips that momentum, that wants to make you sing along -by freezing the song.
On the flip, the guitar work of James McNew (Yo La Tengo, Dump) guitar adds some gentle funk to Masha's recent single 'Fishing Buddies'.
There will be a video for 'Boys Don't Cry', directed by Diana Näcke, in which Masha performs some spectular stand on a lake, somewhere in the middle of Brandenburg..

Masha Qrella: Boys Don't Cry / Fishing Buddies (Dump Version)

Boys Don't Cry Masha Qrella 2' 35''
Fishing Buddies (James McNew Version) Masha Qrella 4' 04''

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