Matt Jencik

Dream Character

Hands In The Dark HITD 049
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Matt Jencik is back on Hands in the Dark with his new album, Dream Character, the follow up to his first solo record Weird Times back in 2017.

Whilst all the songs on his debut album were created using the same sampling method on the same instrument, this time the Chicago artist’s approach is slightly different. Using a combination of 4 track cassette, digital recording & sampling, he added live improvisations and a wider selection of instruments including guitar, bass, organ and string synth to his work.

What Matt Jencik achieves on Dream Character this time is, like a powerful dose of psychedelic drugs, not to be taken lightly. There are layers, and if you’re prepared to dig you will find yourself drawn into a maze of pathways that can take you in multiple directions, via feelings of escape and release alongside suffocating claustrophobia, or soaring, triumphant beauty paired with cold, lonely despair. These eight titles can both tuck you in and make you feel like you’ve got to fight your way out. Either way there is great value in the experience. There is a purity and a clarity to Jencik’s sound, but one that can only truly be accessed by listening with your own intention.

Matt Jencik: Dream Character

Hallucigenia Matt Jencik 3' 29''
Dead Comet Return Matt Jencik 3' 54''
Night Gallery Pause Matt Jencik 7' 43''
DTK (Dressed To Kill) Matt Jencik 3' 09''
Lifeless Body Train Ride Matt Jencik 3' 42''
Fingerless Gloves (Skylarker) Matt Jencik 4' 16''
Woozy Matt Jencik 6' 04''
R U OK Matt Jencik 2' 53''

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