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Reissue of Meredith Monk’s 1971 debut LP, Key.

Composer, singer, director/choreographer, creator of new opera, musical theater works, films and installations, Meredith Monk is one of the most unique and influential artists of our time. Awarded a National Medal of Arts by President Obama in 2015, Monk has blazed her own influential trail through music and movement over the past 50 years. Pitchfork noted in a recent review of her latest ECM release, ‘On Behalf of Nature’: “Meredith Monk’s influence as a singer and composer extends through Björk, Joanna Newsom and beyond.”

‘Key’ contains Monk’s earliest compositions for voice, composed and performed from 1967-1970. In her words:

“In ‘Key’ I wanted to create a constantly shifting ambience. Each song dealt with a different vocal character, landscape, technical concern or emotional quality. I was trying for a visceral, kinetic song form that had the abstract qualities of a painting or a dance. I knew that I didn’t want to set music to a text; for me, the voice itself was a language which seemed to speak more eloquently than words. I chose certain phonemes for their particular sound qualities. In a sense, each song became a world in itself with its own timbre, texture and impulse.”

The Tompkins Square reissue faithfully reproduces the original 1971 LP on Increase Records, with textured cover and original insert images and notes.

Meredith Monk: Key

Porch Meredith Monk
Under Street Meredith Monk
What Does It Mean Meredith Monk
Vision Meredith Monk
Fat Stream Meredith Monk
Vision Meredith Monk
Do You Be Meredith Monk
Vision Meredith Monk
Chance Meredith Monk
Dungeon Meredith Monk

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