This Is For Sore Is Just There

Black Opal BOP005
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Metrist AKA L. SAE AKA Joe Higgins brings the noise in this tech-punk sound-clash straight outta' Hades. His background in bass music of all moulds can be felt throughout but the round edges of dubstep have been fragmented into harsh shards, prismatic in approach, each track swaggers and pumps under itâ s own mad weight. Jabbering speak & spell voices lead into tape busted kicks and sinuoid crow calls. Seismic filtered drums and a broken mirror landscape of screech synth and dull tonal slope. The record is a vivid nightmare, absurd and chilling.

Metrist: This Is For Sore Is Just There

Petol Arses Metrist 6'44''
Sometimes Rubix Cubes Metrist 6'52''
Shit Patches Metrist 4'49''
Sundried Man Metrist 5'56''
Knights of the Templar, Here Comes Neil Metrist 6'01''
That Prick I Hate Metrist 6'23''

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