Michael Snow

The Last LP: Unique Last Recordings of the Music of Ancient Cultures

Song Cycle CY991
  • LP: Ltd. to 500 copies, 180 gram vinyl, gatefold sleeve
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For the first time after the 1987 Art Metropole’s release, the legendary The Last LP by Michael Snow is now available on vinyl!

The album is an extraordinary collection of tracks “of rare music derived from threatened, obsolete, or now-extinct cultures from around the world” that although the claiming of being field recordings of ancient musical experiences, are in fact pieces played, conceived and recorded by the artist himself. As it was for “Music For Piano” (CY999), with this issue the Canadian artist further developed his conceptual investigation around the object-LP where the single elements (the record, the music, the text and the jacket) are so indissolubly intertwined to create what the artist calls a “sonics-sculpture-text”. Partly motivated by the announced obsolescence of the vinyl format, The Last LP is also a critical reflection on the impact of new technologies on the relationship between played and recorded music.

Song Cycle Records present the release of this album in a limited edition reprint on vinyl, remastered sound from the original tapes and with a faithful reproduction of the original artwork.

Michael Snow: The Last LP: Unique Last Recordings of the Music of Ancient Cultures

Wu Ting Dee Lin Chao Cheu Michael Snow 6' 18''
Si Nopo Da Michael Snow 3' 51''
Ohwachira Michael Snow 9' 43''
I Ching Dee Yen Tzen Michael Snow 3' 50''
Pohl'Novyessnikh Michael Snow 38''
Speech in Klogen Michael Snow 2' 14''
Mbowunsa Mpahiya Michael Snow 8' 04''
Quuiasukpuq Quai Gami Michael Snow 2' 21''
Amitabha Chenden Kala Michael Snow 6' 40''
Roiakuluo Michael Snow 9' 47''
Raga Lalat Michael Snow 2' 57''

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