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Michael Vallera is a musician and visual artist currently based out of Chicago. He collaborates with percussionist Steven Hess (Locrian) as "Cleared" (Immune Recordings / Utech) and with artist Joseph Clayton Mills as "Maar" (Umor Rex). His first solo LP Distance was released on Opal Tapes in 2015 after a series of cassettes under the pseudonym COIN.

Vivid Flu is the second full-length solo recording from Michael Vallera, and his first on the Denovali imprint. The record is committed to pushing the electric guitar into new territory among a latticework of samples, piano and machinic stutter. The five tracks operate as a fever dream, filled with confusions of space and the cosmic thrum of post-industrial life. The total image is an obscured perspective on something once familiar.

Vivid Flu was recorded by Greg Norman at Electrical Audio in Chicago, Illinois. Further EQ and mixing was done with Benjamin Balcom at MINBAL. The album was mastered by Daniel Rejmer (live sound engineer Ben Frost) for digital and vinyl formats.

Michael Vallera: Vivid Flu

Vivid Flu Michael Vallera 7' 01''
Late Michael Vallera 7' 35''
Pollen Blot Michael Vallera 5' 13''
Still Life Michael Vallera 10' 34''
Drug Michael Vallera 7' 54''

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