Michal Turtle

Return To Jeka

Music From Memory MFM 029
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Music From Memory return with more ‘Music From The Living Room’. Delving further into the archives of British musician Michal Turtle, MFM 029 ‘Return To Jeka’ brings together eight previously unreleased works recorded between 1983 and 1985. Drawn from a larger archive of works the compilation highlights a fascinating period of material Michal recorded after the release of his only album.

Michal Turtle: Return To Jeka

Reincarnation Michal Turtle 5' 31''
Hyper Ethnic Blues Michal Turtle 4' 52''
Uiko's Return To Jeka Michal Turtle 5' 58''
Dub This Heavy Michal Turtle 5' 00''
Feel The Pain Michal Turtle 5' 46''
Jovan's Island Michal Turtle 6' 06''
On The Plateau Michal Turtle 6' 31''
Uiko's Dream Michal Turtle 5' 23''

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