Renaissance Man

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2k18 album by Mike now on vinyl: "The Bronx rapper muddies the textures of his songs so that the drums feel like drawn breath and small sighs resound like snare claps. MIKE’s own voice is often hard to pick out among the sampled, pitched-down voices moaning in the background (...) This has the intimacy of voicemails to a close friend and the warmth of Lil B in his most generous BasedGod form." (Pitchfork)

Mike: Renaissance Man

Negro World w joygill moriah Mike 3' 00''
Sidewalk Soldier w anthony marshall Mike 2' 20''
Goliath w anthony marshall Mike 2' 45''
Decision Tower Mike 1' 35''
Time Will Tell Mike 1' 46''
Why I'm here w red lee Mike 2' 00''
resistant man w adé hakim Mike 2' 11''
Mother of God w victoria bonema Mike 3' 32''
Peace Offerings w fleece files Mike 3' 19''
For The Nation w king carter & camden malik Mike 4' 16''
Rebirth Mike 4' 12''

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