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Mocky's fourth solo album was released on Crammed Discs in 2009 and documents a jazz-inflected turn of his music to the acoustic. Saskamodie showcases Mocky's songwriting talents while introducing his unique sensibility to a receptive new international audience.

“An exceptionally musical album – there’s no other word for it – that could fail to seduce only the hardest of hearing, or the hardest of hearts” (Pitchfork, 8.0 review for "Saskamodie")

“An amazing record…a big hit for me” (Gilles Peterson on "Saskamodie")

Mocky: Saskamodie

Music To My Ears Mocky 4' 17''
Little Journey Mocky 2' 27''
Birds Of A Feather Mocky 4' 34''
Golden Dream Mocky 3' 32''
Chubby Cheeks Mocky 4' 27''
Guiding Light Mocky 1' 55''
Saskamodie Mocky 4' 33''
Somehow Someway Mocky 4' 09''
Jiinti Mocky 2' 58''
Music To My Ears (Reprise) Mocky 42''
Sleepy Time Mocky 3' 24''
For Pepecito Mocky 4' 38''

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