UFO in Her Eyes (Original Soundtrack)

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In 2011 Mocky wrote, recorded and produced a mostly orechestral and instrumental score for ” UFO in her Eyes”: a film by the chinese director Xiaolu Guo and released it on his own Heavy Sheet imprint.

Mocky: UFO in Her Eyes (Original Soundtrack)

Ufo in Her Eyes (Main Theme) Mocky 2' 57''
Dream Sequence Mocky 2' 12''
Ufo in Her Eyes (End Theme) Mocky 4' 11''
Schizo Interlude Mocky 1' 23''
The Re-Education Song Mocky 2' 19''
The Beating Mocky 2' 27''
Carp Li's Theme Mocky 2' 43''
Dance And Believe Mocky 3' 30''
Pianoscape Mocky 3' 10''
Ufo in Her Eyes (Reprise) Mocky 1' 12''
Love On A Landing Pad Mocky 3' 03''
I Am China Mocky 2' 04''
Wild Is The Wind (Featuring Udo Kier) Mocky 2' 10''

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