Modeselektor Proudly Presents

Modeselektion Vol. 04 / #4

Monkeytown X Ninja Tune MTR088
  • 12”: 140gr vinyl, full color inner sleeve
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It’s happening again! Modeselektor have gathered a whole lot of exclusive tracks by some of their favorite producers and put together an essential compilation of state-of-the-art and stylistically diverse dance music. The fourth edition of Modeselektion is long overdue and therefore packed with an extra amount of mind-bending bangers and dance floor weapons by famed club circuit luminaries as well as up-and-coming artists. Expect everything from gritty techno and cosmic rave sounds to bass-heavy and dubbed out beats by the likes of Actress, Rødhâd, Peder Mannerfelt, rRoxymore, Sarah Farina and many many more.

Released as a double CD set and a four-part series of 12“ records, Modeselektion Vol. 04 contains 17 tracks by artists that spearhead the ambitious side of today’s electronic dance music – at least from Modeselektor’s point of view, but their taste and intuition hardly ever disappointed us. Like every edition of Modeselektion, this is not just a basic mixtape. Each artist was asked to contribute a fitting, unreleased track, and what beauties we received! „We feel honored and proud to be able to release this compilation as it is. It may be the most functional and catchy Modeselektion we ever compiled,“ Modeselektor say.

Don’t read „functional“ with the usual dismissive meaning here, take it as a quality feature. While 2014’s Modeselektion Vol. 03 largely explored more intricate and strange home-listening territory with cuts by The Fall, Fennesz or To Rococo Rot, Vol. 04 is firmly built on beats. Even Skee Mask’s quite atmospheric contribution is warping into a breezy piece of jungle madness, even Claude Speeed – known for his ambient and trance blending records on Planet Mu – adds a firmly marching kick drum to a soaring melody. FJAAK do what they do best, blowing minds with their hyperactively rattling machinery, which possibly had quite an effect on Modeselektor and their high octane techno approach on „Kalif Storch“. Other highlights include sharp and booming productions by Italy’s lord of darkness Lory D and Scottish newcomer Solid Blake.

There’s a relatable idea behind this collection: You know the feeling when you haven’t hit a dance floor for too long. When you crave for the rave? Modeselektion Vol. 04 is channeling this mood due to the selektors’ state of mind. „The choice of tracks is influenced by our thirst for effective dance music. After almost four years of touring with Moderat, we really felt the urge to dedicate ourselves again to what made us.“ Needless to say, this is no sentimental rewind of long gone days, no nostalgic throwback to some dubious classic sound. Because, as we all know, the only way is forward. While it has become increasingly difficult to identify new and groundbreaking schools of sound in dance music, or a clearly laid down route to the future, you can feel a strong forward-thinking attitude at work here. After all, the future’s is made of what we create today, right? Consider this another sincere and passionate contribution.

Modeselektor Proudly Presents: Modeselektion Vol. 04 / #4

Blacksmith Rødhåd
Desert Father Vatican Shadow
Metaxas Carnival (Tandoori’s Voodoo Mixx) Kasper Marott
Endless Fadi Mohem

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