Molly Burch

First Flower

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First Flower is a walk-through Burch’s most intimate thoughts. Unlike Please Be Mine, which focused on the contentious depression of heartbreak, First Flower explores broken friendships, her relationship to her sister, and more importantly, how Burch learned to fight overwhelming anxiety. Burch is a soft-spoken, careful person who shoves her nervousness away on a daily basis. First Flower is a bright, beautiful album peppered with moments of triumph. Burch’s voice is as strong and dexterous as ever, displaying her incredible range and professionalism as a vocalist.

Molly Burch: First Flower

Candy Molly Burch
Wild Molly Burch
Dangerous Place Molly Burch
First Flower Molly Burch
Next To Me Molly Burch
Good Behavior Molly Burch
Without You Molly Burch
To The Boys Molly Burch
True Love Molly Burch
Nothing To Say Molly Burch
Every Little Thing Molly Burch

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