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A sweeping, cinematic, emotional change is in the air. Molly Nilsson’s sixth studio album Zenith begins with clear, wide eyes open to Earth as we would love it to be but seldom is. Recorded in her home of Berlin and whilst touring and, as ever, conceived, produced, written and recorded in solitude, Zenith is Nilsson’s big statement and consequently her most affecting work to date. It sees her reveling in big arrangements, sweeping synth strings, bigger choruses and emotions. Like the rest of us she looks within and to endless sunsets in wonder and puzzlement.

Molly Nilsson: Zenith

The Only Planet. Molly Nilsson
1995. Molly Nilsson
H.O.P.E.. Molly Nilsson
Mountain Time. Molly Nilsson
Bunny Club. Molly Nilsson
Intermezzo_ Palmpsest Galore. Molly Nilsson
Happyness. Molly Nilsson
Lovers Are Losers. Molly Nilsson
Clearblue. Molly Nilsson
My Body. Molly Nilsson
Titanic. Molly Nilsson
Bus 194 (All There Is) Molly Nilsson
Tomorrow. Molly Nilsson

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