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Eveything is new but everything stays the same: Mr. Mitch 2nd album is a feature-album, vocals are the new thing on Devout. Production-wise Mr. Mitch has always been a minimalist at heart, pushing detailed sound and melody around in space, but on Devout everything is more ambitious, emotive and polished, taking his music in an epic and well defined pop direction, albeit from a sideways angle, re-imagining what an album by an underground producer can be.

Mr. Mitch: Devout

Intro Mr. Mitch
Priority Mr. Mitch
Lost Touch Mr. Mitch
Fate Mr. Mitch
If I Wanted Mr. Mitch
VPN Mr. Mitch
My Life Mr. Mitch
Pleasure Mr. Mitch
Honor Oak Mr. Mitch
Our Love Mr. Mitch
Black Tide Mr. Mitch
Oscar Mr. Mitch

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