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Mugison (IS) was born on a karaoke stage in Malaysia, a bastard child of Elvis and PapaMug. Working his career from the Westfjords of Iceland, Mugison has in the past released three full length studio albums, toured all over the world, scored three films, started a music festival (Aldrei fór ég suður) and made a new instrument, which he calls Mirstrument. His latest project is the self-released 4th studio album, named Haglél (e. Hailstorm), and his first with icelandic lyrics.

Haglél is a logical followup from the wildly successful album Mugiboogie (2007) and a more mature release, and less aggressive. With personal and blunt lyrics about everything from icelandic summer evenings to getting a heart attack, the album transforms Mugison from a hip talent to a star.

Mugison: Haglél

Kletturinn Mugison 4' 08''
Stingum Af Mugison 4' 00''
Góðan Dag Mugison 3' 37''
Þjóðarsálin Mugison 3' 26''
Áfall Mugison 3' 29''
Gúanóstelpan Mugison 3' 41''
Haglél Mugison 3' 59''
Stolin Stef Mugison 3' 29''
Blindflug Mugison 3' 11''
Ljósvíkingur Mugison 3' 52''
Púkafæla Mugison 1' 54''

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