Pearly Whites

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A vinyl-only release from “future nostalgia” NY/Philly based trio MUSEYROOM. After playing together in a series of bands, Jack Donovan, Ben Cohen & Matt Coppola painstakingly capture the breadth of their imagination in the form of a pop song, bent on influences from the Strokes to Bob Dylan to John Coltrane. Blending delicate impressionist-inspired melodies with the rhythmic sensibilities of hip-hop, Museyroom’s Pearly Whites is a dense and ambitious work of rare quality.

Museyroom: Pearly Whites

Pearly Whites Museyroom
Three Stones Museyroom
Ballad Museyroom
Ranges Museyroom
Sleeper Museyroom
Siren Museyroom
Siren End Museyroom
It Won't Change Now Museyroom
Junkyard Museyroom

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