• LP: Spiritual sky blue vinyl, 20 page art booklet mounted on cover
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Spiritual Noise is how My Cat Is An Alien baptized their own music and intermedia work at the beginning of their third decade of activity. Volume 2 in the Spiritual Noise ongoing series is a further step ahead in the unheard new music territories of MCIAA. Released on the new Antigravitational imprint – the record label & multimedia platform created and curated by MCIAA and set up with gallerist and publisher Marco Contini – and designed following principles of seriality and of installation art, the vinyl LP takes the shape of a multimedia object which displays a proper artbook mounted on the cover jacket, and gives access to cinematic poetry films and extra contents for a fully immersive experience.

"After regularly immersing myself in the otherworldly vision of My Cat Is An Alien for the last several years, I sometimes forget how incredibly far beyond recognizable, earthbound sounds the Opalios have traveled in their twenty years of recording. Aside from Roberto's spectral signature vocals, Spiritual Noise feels like it could have been crafted almost entirely from haunting and mysterious transmissions picked up by the SETI institute.[..] Record store shelves are full of well-meaning bearded men wielding tablas and tamburas, hellbent on prying open my third eye or kicking down my doors of perception. Some of them have made some absolutely wonderful albums, but none have gone as far as My Cat is an Alien."
- Brainwashed (USA)

My Cat Is An Alien: Spiritual Noise_Vol.2

Rage And Beatitude Of Pain My Cat Is An Alien 7' 50''
As Meteors Before Disintegration My Cat Is An Alien 13' 36''
Silver Glimpse Of Infinity My Cat Is An Alien 16' 27''

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