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May 2018 marks the release of two new N records on Denovali records. A new solo record by N(44) 'Vreden' and a collaboration by N(52) + Dirk Serries 'SC00'

First in line is the new solo record N(44) 'Vreden', featuring the live set N played on the very last Denovali festival at Weststadthalle, Essen, using a bigger rig with two halfstacks for a very monolithic sound, perfectly recorded by Andreas Brinke of [ B O L T ]. In contrast to the more symphonic sounding records like N(43) 'Anklam', the three new tracks N wrote especially for this evening seem to be more stripped at the first glance, focussing on the vibrating connection between his guitar and the two-amp setup, with the multiple layers of sound hanging like wires in the air between the two amps, even in the moments of highest density. Especially when 'Vreden 2' opens up to a vast field of a dark and misty landscape, the guitar and the reverb of the seemingly endless room around blend into each other, like a perfect symbiosis where you can't tell anymore what the player does and what is just the answer of the room... The overall feeling of a deep melancholia peaks with the closing track 'Vreden NACHT', slowly evolving from the last trails of reverb of the track before, with the long super slow and lonely melody of the last requiem coming out of some sparse bass rumble...

N(44): Vreden

Vreden N(44) 17' 56''
Vreden 2 N(44) 12' 05''
Vreden Nacht N(44) 15' 18''

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