Water Memory

Opal Tapes OPAL124
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Seven chapters of anachronistic, lovecraftian horror & burning cold alien limerence brought forth through the advanced cauldron skills of N1L.

Vast, devastated terrain is covered here, burned down in psycho action-movie montages of tuned percussion and pacing, predating bass music. Viperous snatches of melody, of disembodied voice and the promise of calm rise through in tracks like “fernweh I,II,III” while dread-nought dub treads on for “ijsv.0gel”.

N1L dials up the INA-GRM gone Hammer Horror in the remarkable compositions of the closing 8 minutes. A maelstrom of pure, refined sound recalling Dhomont and Bayle at their most negative. Utterly enthralling and resolutely unflinching.

Stay alert while sleepwalking.

N1L: Water Memory

crawlspace N1L
alpha fail N1L
fernweh I,II,III N1L
ijsv.0gel N1L
centipede goddess N1L
ani-ma/ani-mus/ani-mal N1L
undo the anthropocene N1L

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