Nao Katafuchi


Nadanna NADA003LP
  • LP: Ltd. to 350 copies, 180 gr vinyl, incl. printed Inner Sleeve
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NAO KATAFUCHI says about himself that he's "a Japanese artist who makes electronic music with a guitar & a semi vintage synth box, creating his own world of cold romantic wave." Originally from Tokyo, Japan, he relocated to New York in the early 90's where he worked as an audio engineer for recording production companies, and where he found musically kindred spirits at the Brooklyn based Wierd Records' parties (Epée Du Bois, Led Er Est, Martial Canterel, Sleep Museum, Xeno & Oaklander, etc.). His highly acclaimed debut EP 'Yumegoto' was released on W.T. Records in 2012 and now Nadanna is proud to release NAO KATAFUCHI's debut full time album "Émergence". If features contributions from Liz Wendelbo (Xeno and Oaklander), and the shiny stars of Japanese electropop and minimal synth/wave Tomo Akikawabaya, Tona Ohama and Kevin Komoda (Rational Youth).

Nao Katafuchi: Émergence

Silhouette Nao Katafuchi 45''
Émergence Nao Katafuchi 45''
Dance To The End Nao Katafuchi 45''
Awakening Nao Katafuchi 45''
Living In My Own World Nao Katafuchi 45''
The Lonely Kind Nao Katafuchi 45''
Comes To My Life Nao Katafuchi 45''
Ghost Town Nao Katafuchi 45''
Silhouette (Ohama Mix) Nao Katafuchi 45''
Dance To The End (Kevin Komoda Remix) Nao Katafuchi 45''

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