Guerra E Angoscia

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Like Iacoucci (already celebrated twice by Intervallo with Simbolismo psichedelico and the new Industria N.1), Narassa – real name Sandro Brugnolini – is back in our catalogue with another gem: his second release on the legendary Rome-based label Rotary, which came out after the amazing Tensione dinamica. Guerra e angoscia was born as the fifth installment of seven and, like the previous album (which was recorded with the collaboration of label boss Amedeo Tommasi, the mind behind every release on Rotary), moves away from the experimental and mechanical drift of the first chapter, to dive headfirst in a dark and heavy mood – as the title suggests (“War And Distress”). Guerra e angoscia is truly faithful to the topic of its title – with tracks like Rommel, Minaccia di guerra, Campo di sterminio, Commandos, Battaglia tragica, Beat bellico, Eruzione, and Linea calda there’s little room for misunderstanding – and it does a brilliant job offering library music to evoke tragedies, dark times and the madness of human kind. This is done with wonderful beats, sharp and powerful percussions, grievous rhythms and dramatic string sections. No more dynamism, to quote Narassa’s other release on Rotary: here the tension is just the effect of explosions and wrecked nerves.

Originally released in 1973 on Rotary (R/1005)

Narassa: Guerra E Angoscia

Rommel Narassa 3' 02''
Senza uscita Narassa 2' 31''
Minaccia di guerra Narassa 4' 13''
Minaccia di guerra Narassa 3' 45''
Campo di sterminio Narassa 2' 50''
Commandos Narassa 3' 08''
Commandos Narassa 2' 39''
Battaglia tragica Narassa 3' 00''
Battaglia tragica Narassa 2' 42''
Ora zeta Narassa 3' 54''
Beat bellico Narassa 2' 55''
Eruzione Narassa 3' 06''
Eruzione Narassa 3' 07''
Linea calda Narassa 2' 37''

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