New World Science

Osmos (Movements)

Temple TMPL005
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New World Science's Osmos (Movements) is a sincere foray into forth-world fantasy, where disparate synthesizer styles are tied together by harmonized saxophone musings. Comprised of four recordings/jams between Francis Latreille (Priori–mastermind behind the project), Adam Feingold (Ex-Terrestrial), and Emmanuel Thibau, and featuring appearances by Phoebe Guillemot (Ramzi) and Richard Wenger (R Weng), these multi-stream compositions float in the uncertain spaces between electronic and acoustic, improvisation and production, old and new. Beautiful, subtle, and entrancing compositions suited to suborbital meditations.

New World Science: Osmos (Movements)

Movement 1 New World Science 1' 30''
Movement 2 New World Science 1' 30''
Movement 3 New World Science 1' 30''
Movement 4 New World Science 1' 30''

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