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Judy At The Grove

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Vancouver, Canada's No Kids are back again with a short and funky masterpiece, the Judy At The Grove EP.
No Kids’ singer, songwriter, arranger, and musical mastermind Nick Krgovich has upped his game, spinning rich compositions out of obsessions with Old Hollywood grandeur and Mullholland Drive-style mystery, culminating in an intense and personal ode to a lost Los Angeles. The four songs that make up Judy At The Grove conjure a dreamland where palm trees cast impossibly long shadows, courtyard swimming pools glow at night, and washed-up movie stars haunt the streets looking for love.
Taking cues from sources as wildy varied as Raymond Chandler novels, Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon, under-appreciated pop heroes like The Blue Nile and Prefab Sprout, as well as R n' B legends like Sade, Aaliyah and Prince, No Kids have built their own musical universe of intricate vocal lines, precision harmonies, lush orchestrals, slinky funk guitars, 70's television cop drama horns, fusion Rhodes grooves, and tight rhythms of both the human and inhuman variety.
Judy At The Grove is a pop record of a different order, transcending any expectations of what "indie" music should sound like. Pristine production values, bonkers arrangements, and a star-studded list of talented guest musicians all prove that No Kids are onto some next level shit. Every track on Judy At The Grove points to a ingenuity, maturity, and clarity of vision that lifts No Kids heads and shoulders above their contemporaries.
Following several North American and European tours (most recently with frequent collaborator and Tomlab label mate Mount Eerie), No Kids have truly come correct with their most jaw-dropping material to date, totally trumping their critically acclaimed 2008 debut “Come Into My House”, and heightening anticipation of an upcoming full-length due at the end of the year.

No Kids: Judy At The Grove

At The Grove No Kids
I Want To Be Around No Kids
The Jazz Singer No Kids
In Dreamland No Kids

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