North Sea Dialect

Local Guide

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The debut release from new Scottish producer North Sea Dialect, Local Guide is a dense musical world made of uneasy ambience, shimmering distortion, subdued rhythm and propulsive melody.

Buried in its soundscapes are the echoes and surrealness of alienated life - expectant youth, distant voices and broken folklore. It’s industrialised music tied together with found sound, adrenaline fuelled synthesis and the depths of late night solitude. Conceived during a move from Glasgow across Scotland and composed in isolation, a blistering sense of reality creeps through the recordings.

Local Guide is accompanied by three videos for the tracks Mossy Cyphol, Subarctic Baltasound and Gloup. The short films are haunted and illuminated by the serenity of rural freedom, the power of the sea, and the collapse of industry.

North Sea Dialect: Local Guide

Rodent Tribe North Sea Dialect
October Horse North Sea Dialect
Dog Violet North Sea Dialect
Mossy Cyphol North Sea Dialect
Subarctic Baltasound North Sea Dialect
Sloven Voe North Sea Dialect
Gloup North Sea Dialect
Rusk Holm North Sea Dialect
Eilean Glas North Sea Dialect
Salt North Sea Dialect

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